Who are these guys?

"Since hitting the air waves in 2002, the GlamRap/Pop duo Nik & Jay have forever altered the landscape of the music industry, pushing the envelope with every song written and album released.  The duo have won several Grammy Awards, have had 19 major hit singles in a row and have dominated sales charts, airplay charts and club charts for eleven years. Nik & Jay have put out four acclaimed albums with the legendary producer team, Jon & Jules, with whom they own the production company and label Nexus Music Ltd.Jannik Brandt Thompsen Their first two albums, Nik & Jay (2002) and Nik & Jay 2 (2004), both achieved double platinum status, while Fresh: Fri: Fly (2006) achieved triple platinum status. Their album, called “De Stoerste (The Greatest) (2008)", featured the No.1 singles “Kommer Igen” and “Endnu En,” along with several club remixes and a DVD of live performances. This album is now double platinum and counting. "Engle Eller Dæmoner" (Angels or Demons) 2011 went platinum in it's first week. Between their undeniably catchy songs like “Hot!,”  Boing!,” and “I Love Ya,” their provoking ballads, thoughtful lyrics and overwhelming widespread popularity, Nik & Jay are huge modern day pop stars. Niclas Genkle PetersenThey bring their compelling lyrics and heart-pounding beats to life, whether performing in a small club in front of 800 people, or in front of 60,000 fans each year at different music festivals. In addition to being talented artists, performers, writers and producers, Nik and Jay are trendsetters in every sense of the word, provoking buzz in both the music and fashion worlds...." .............in Denmark.

If you're reading this, it's likely that you've come across these artists someplace, want to know more, and don't happen to speak Danish. This site is the information that I've gathered and translated from Nexus webpages, Danish fan sites, and webzines. Personally I'd love to see them invade the USA, and they are coming out with more English songs every day. Very exciting, tho personally I LOVE listening to the Danish lyric tracks WITH the added bonus that my 6 year old can listen too and I don't have to explain what a "ho" is :D Their fan base in Denmark is from every age group-which is amazing. Anyone can impress someone who's only musical frame of reference is Justin Bieber, when you capture the attention of fans who have heard the genre from the start, then you've got something. Their stage shows are always super high energy, highly polished, and great entertainment. At the end of 2011 I went to Europe to see them (yes, that's where Denmark is; just above Germany but below Sweden/Norway) and it was TOTALLY worth it (and I'm NOT rich or globetrotter type people)! Why did I do this site? Because even after multiple playings of their songs, I'm still dancing thru my day-and want to spread the love. So check the site out and learn more about these guys. There are lyric translations, some of the better images out there, and my comments throughout. Send me some feedback if you see something you like, something I've missed, misquoted or just plain got wrong. Peace.

***For the MOST up to date info, go to the NEWNESS Page-or the new Nik & Jay USA FaceBook page 'cause there's new information coming out every HOUR and this front page is getting MESSY! There are even links where you can listen to some of the new songs!***

Get the newest Nik og Jay gear from the Nexus Collection site! They've got hoodies, tshirts, posters, necklaces, and new things coming out in harmony with the new album out-"Engle Eller Dæmoner" (Angels or Demons). I've actually ordered a couple of tshirts and it went very smoothly. BONUS: they now have the site mostly in ENGLISH as well as Danish, so you don't have to guess what you're getting :D A few notes: "Køb Nu" means "Buy Now" and tho it says "EUR 29,00" I believe that means $29 US. Don't be alarmed if you see things marked in Kroners, 'cause 299DKK is only like $45 (at least right now :P ). Shipping is a bit high, but hey-you'll be the first kid on your block to have a Nik & Jay tshirt!

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If you were in the Los Angeles area and went to the Nik and Jay US Premier with Morten Breum at the Premier Supper Club on March 14th, 2011 please let me know if you got pictures! I'll post them here with your name and photo credit.

( I SO can't believe I missed this :( )

Beautiful photography site by talented Danish photogs at Capomodo has concert footage of Nik & Jay-GORGEOUS must see pics (and very large, high rez images of Nik shirtless... I mean... lovely Danish landscapes..!!!) "LIKE" them on FaceBook to be updated of when new pics are exhibited.

'Tættere På Himlen'(Closer to Heaven) is over 11 MILLION Views! Nik & Jay with Burgan G-
Go to the VIDEO page for a translation (have icewater handy-it's HAWT!).


pretty girl I am in NO WAY employed by, associated with, related to or within throwing distance of Nik and Jay, Nexus, Jon and Jules, Joey Moe or anyone else you may be here to drool over. I am just saving you all the time I spend scouring the net trying to find the tastiest vids, pics and news out there. This is done purely out of a sense of appreciation for what they have done, how they have done it (at least what I know of these things) and what I hope will happen for these gentlemen in the future. There are fans out there who have known them from the beginning and I have total respect for the support they have shown over the years. I am assuming I will make many mistakes, either due to cultural differences or translation issues and I apologize in advance to the artists and their fans. (NOTE: Google translate, when switching Danish to English, translates "Nik & Jay" to "Nik Kershaw".... just ima99gine the confusion THAT caused! ) But I couldn't find a site like this out there for non-Danish speakers, so I made one. Also-I am using images I found on the net from many sources (and far too many late nights). If one if the images was taken by you, and I did not give you photocredit, or you don't want me to use them, PLEASE contact me and I will fix it ASAP. I do not mean to offend, only to inform~☮

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